About Right Hand to the Champ:13 Lessons that Changed My Life

This highly anticipated memoir chronicles a major life transformation experienced by Tasha Robinson-White throughout twelve years working for iconic boxing champ Floyd Mayweather. 

Although readers will be granted access to the most successful and controversial boxer in recent years, at its core, Right Hand to the Champ is about a smart, ambitious, thoughtful woman who helped Floyd Mayweather become the champ in business that he is today. more

Chapter Excerpt: 3 Comma Joe

We were living a dream. Three months later, it turned into a nightmare. A 3 Comma Joe nightmare. Joe stopped returning phone calls, and the money train came to an abrupt halt. Nobody could find Joe, and no one could find Floyd’s money. Not the $15 million Floyd had invested and definitely not the $5 billion that Joe had promised. Life in the Mayweather camp got really nasty for everybody.